Q1. What is www.booksnbooks.pk Online Bookstore and what can I do here?

The www.booksnbooks.pk (An Online bookstore) is an E-Commerce store. Like most e-stores, you can browse and search the product catalog, choose items to add to your shopping cart, amend your shopping cart and order the items in the shopping cart. You can perform many of these actions without registering with or login into the website. However, before you can order items you must login to the website. In order to Login, you must have an account with the website, which is created when you register with the website.

Q2. How can I register at www.booksnbooks.pk (An Online bookstore)?

To register, click the “My Account” button on the top store menu. Next, click the “Register” button. Among other information, the Register page requires you to provide an E-mail and Password. This information is used to identify your account and must be provided when Login to the account.

Q3. How can I register at www.booksnbooks.pk website?

You Register at the website by clicking the “Register” button at the “My Account” page. You enter your E-mail address and assign a password of your choice and clicking the “Submit” button. You will also be redirected to the Login link when you try to place an order and you have not already Logged In.

Q4. How can I place an order?

The website catalog is organized hierarchically as follows: Categories and Products.

At www.booksnbooks.pk home page click on a category name provided on the home page and products list will be shown to you.

Here you will find list of all available products categorized by category name. Selected category’s items will be expanded. You can browse through different categories and select products. Click on the Add to Cart button available in front of the product name will add that item / product to cart. Total amount of products will be updated dynamically.

You can update quantity of product in cart and also can remove a product from cart by clicking remove button in front of product name in cart. After selecting required products click on “Check out” to move out from shopping area. Enter your shipping address there and click “Place an Order” button.

Order will be placed successfully and order details will be shown. Click on the My Account button and at My Account page click on Orders button. Order details will be shown there and Invoice in PDF downloadable link will be displayed. Click on the Invoice link and your Order Invoice will be downloaded. Please read the Invoice details where you will find Payment details and after payment details to be updated on www.booksnbooks.pk/pd/ to deliver your order.

You can directly transfer, pay due amount to the bank account given on Payment Methods page through Direct Deposit into bank branch of HBL all over the Pakistan or you can Transfer Funds through ATM or you can transfer Invoice amount through Jazz Cash to bank account or Easy Paisa to bank account.

You can download Payment Voucher from www.booksnbooks.pk/pd/

After deposit / transfer amount into bank you are required to update after payment details at www.booksnbooks.pk/pd/ to deliver your order.

We deliver orders through TCS Courier / Shipping Service and normally our orders are shipped over night and we always try to ensure order delivery next days after receiving payment. However, it takes 2 to 3 days to receive orders by you.

Q5. When I reach at shipping address page, values already are filled in. Why?

Just to preserve you from re-work of entering similar address again and again, www.booksnbooks.pk intelligently looks for your saved profile details from the database and retrieve values from there. You can change values (if required) and continue for order processing.

Q6. How can I pay for my order?

Payment for an online order can be made by following Payment Methods given on this link: www.booksnbooks.pk/payment-methods/

Q7. How can I track my orders?

As you place an order with us we send you an order tracking URL to you through WhatsApp / E-mail / SMS. By following this URL you can check the latest status of your order including TCS Courier tracking ID. This is unique feature introduced by us for our valued customers.

Q8. How can I confirm payment status?

You can confirm payment status by clicking the URL received by you on your E-mail address, SMS, WhatsApp.

Q9. Why my order is delivered partial?

We always try to deliver orders in full and complete form. But sometimes the stock in warehouse finished due to high demands and needs of the customers and takes sometime for re-availability due to which we deliver order with the available products / items. However, as soon as we get available pending products we deliver it on top priority by keeping in mind the urgency of the customers.

Q10. Do you charge double / extra in case of partial delivery of orders?

No, we don’t charge extra / double in case of partial delivery of orders. Shipping charges are received only one time for an order and in case of partial delivery we bear shipping charges for partial delivery except one time shipping charges for one order.

Q11. Do you ship internationally?

No. We deliver orders all over the Pakistan through TCS Courier anywhere, anytime.

Q12. How much shipping charges are for an order?

We have a flat / fix shipping charges rate which is Rs:250/= all over the Pakistan through TCS Courier.

Q13. I want to ask more questions. Who will reply me?

You can E-mail us, WhatsApp message, send SMS on Mob: 03337643761 or ask question at Live Help Desk available at this link: www.booksnbooks.pk/help-desk/

Q14. What are your working hours?

Our working hours are from 10:00am to 06:00pm (Fri off).

Q15. Do you provide Cash on Delivery Service? 

We deliver all orders by getting order amount in advance as per customer Invoice available in Customer Account – My Orders page. However loyal customers can order with Cash on Delivery Service with 30% advance amount.

Q16. Am I Loyal Customers? 

Loyal Customers at www.booksnbooks.pk are those who have placed 5 successful orders and their contact number, e-mail and address is verified by receiving the orders.

Q17. How I know about loyal customer? 

When you will receive 5 successful orders you will receive e-mail, WhatsApp message, SMS to inform you about becoming loyal customer.

Q18. Is there any special offer to loyal customers? 

Yes! loyal customers are given special discount on orders, gift books, wall clocks and many more with their orders and also given the facility of Cash on Delivery.

Q19. What is the maximum limit of Order amount for new customers?

Maximum permissible limit for order amount is Rs:4000/= only for new customers. Orders received more than Rs:4000/= will be shipped after confirmation of customer delivery address. However, partial orders up to Rs:4000/= will be shipped to the customer.

Q20. What is the maximum weight for Customer Orders?

Maximum permissible weight for orders is 03 KG to ensure fast and on time delivery. Parcels having weight more than 03 KG will take 06 to 08 working days. However, we strongly recommend our customers to place order up to Rs:4000/= only if they are new to buy from us.

Q21. All orders are delivered on time?

We always try our best to deliver all orders on time to maintain the trust of our customers. We believe if orders are not delivered on time we can definitely loss a customer. But in online orders the environment is different because there are different stakeholders and every stakeholder has to play his role to ensure on time delivery. So, in rare cases there might be some delay in delivering order on time due to any possible reason.

Q22. Do we reply to all customer emails / WhatsApp Messages / SMS Messages?

We have a dedicated Customer Care Team who reply to all emails received to us, WhatsApp messages, SMS Messages during working hours 10:00am to 06:00pm (Saturday to Thursday – Friday Off). However, sometimes there might be any delay in reply to a customer which can be of maximum 07 days.

Q23. What is the tolerance policy for customers in case of customer dissatisfaction upon services / products delivered to them?

Every individual has respect and we believe to give respect and take respect. But in some situation there might be possibility where customers lose their temperament due to dissatisfaction upon products or services provided to them. In this situation customers are advised to show patience and next time try to avoid placing orders with us. Because we believe to do business by remaining in the orbit of respect. We give value and respect to all customers and in return we also demand respect from customers.

Q24. Can I demand reversal of payments made for an order?

Yes, you can demand back your amount by sending an email to info@booksnbooks.pk by mentioning your Order No if the product is not available with us but showing on website. Because the stock position always change time to time and sometimes remain unchanged on website. In such situation we ask our customers to provide bank account or mobile account number and account title to transfer back the amount. Otherwise the amount once received can not be reversed / returned.

Q25. Is there any charges / deduction on payments made through Online Payment Gateway available on website for customer ease?

If the deduction is less than Rs:50/= for payment transferred to us then we don’t charge to customers and full payment transferred to us is considered. However, if the deduction made by online payment gateway service provider is more than Rs:50/= then the customer will be charged the amount deducted by online payment gateway service provider.

Q26. If there is some question which is aroused in the mind of customer but this is not answered here then what the customer should do?

In such situation the customer can email us his query / question at info@booksnbooks.pk and he will be replied accordingly and if that question would be frequently asked by customer then it would be added in this FAQs list.

Q27. If a customer refused to receive an order due to any reason then what will be the status of the order?

We strongly discourage this refusal of receiving orders by the customer because we deal in delivering books to customers and there is no possibility of damages. So, the customers are bound to receive the orders shipped to them and email their query at info@booksnbooks.pk by mentioning their order number. The customer care team will examine the issue and will try to give some remedy if allowed by the business policy. If an order is refused to receive by the customer it would be treated as received in every case. Orders would be reversed only if it is confirmed by sending an email to the customer care team. This is because we don’t have enough time to deal with such matters who have not enough importance for us. Such customers are advised to place orders with minimal amount to check the service delivery, product delivery and time spent on receiving the orders. If they are not satisfied to the services, products or delivery time the customers can opt to a better products or services provider.

Q28. What is the maximum delivery time for an order if it is placed 1st time or delivered as partial order?

We try our best to deliver orders at once but if a customer is new or order amount is more than Rs:4000/= or order weight is more than 03 KG or customer delivery address is not verified by receiving successful orders then it would take 06 to 08 working days to complete order delivery. In every case we try to safeguard the interest of customer and minimize the risk of delay in order, loss the order during shipment. There has been recorded many instances when the order is not reached to the customer and reached back after 15 days. So, we work according to our policy.

Q29. Do you refund order amount if a customer has placed order and it got late, delivered partially or not available in stock?

Order processing date would be considered when we confirm payment received to us. If an order is placed and payment is transferred but it does not transferred in our bank account from the concerned payment gateway service provider the order will remain pending until we receive confirmation of payment received to our account. Public Holidays and Fridays would not be considered as working days. If an order is reversed or refused by the customer due to any reason it would be considered as received and no compensation will be given in this regard. The customers are advised to receive orders in any case and email us at info@booksnbooks.pk about the issue faced by them. The Customer Care Team will reply to their issue and if allowed by the customer care team then the order will be reversed and only if wrong product is shipped then the cost would be beared by us. In other case the loss would be counted in the customer account.

Q30. What if a payment is made through Credit Card then how much time it will take to process my order?

Payments made through credit card are normally cleared in 04 to 06 days but in some cases extra time can also spend to clear payment because the payments are cleared from credit card provider bank to our online payment gateway service provider and then after due course of time it is transferred to us. When we get transferred amount in our account then we consider 1st working day to get process the order.

Q31. Is there any deduction / charges for payments made through credit card?

Yes as per government rules and banking policy different taxes are charged on payments transferred through credit cards. Normally 3.5% of transferred amount through credit card are deducted as different taxes / fees etc which is charged to customers.

Q32. Can I demand cash back paid for an order?

Cash back will be provided if the customer receive email / message that the required books are not available in stock and offer the facility to receive back amount in the form of cash transferred to bank or mobile account. In other case no cash back or order reversal is allowed. Hence the customers can avoid to place further orders if they feel dissatisfied with the quality or services provided to them.

Q33. Is there any deduction / charges if a customer requests for order cancellation due to any reason?

If the order is not packed and shipped to the customer then on special request the order can be stopped and received amount can be returned after deduction of 33% of the order amount. So, customers are advised to remain careful while placing order or transferring amount to us. This policy is because we want to have serious customers who really need of books and we value both our and customer time and resources.

Q34. Is there any solution to avoid deduction and receive back the transferred amount in full upon request of cancellation of orders?

The only way to receive back full amount upon cancellation of order is to email us the request to transfer outstanding amount into your online Wallet available in your Account area. The amount will be added in customer wallet from there the customer can transfer amount to his friends or any known person having customer account on our website and demand cash from him. We ensure orders only except we offer customers the option of receiving back outstanding / remaining / partial amount available with us.

Q35. How many days you will take to reverse the amount if allowed by the customer care team?

If the customer care team allows for reversal of amount to the customer then it would take 45 days or 06 weeks to transfer back the amount. After transferring the amount the customer will be updated through email / SMS / WhatsApp or SMS Alert etc.

Q36. Is there any difference of prices available on website and delivered to customers?

Yes there can be difference of prices between products displayed on website and delivered to customers. The maximum price would be the retail price of the book. We don’t extra charge except the price printed on books. But we try to give discounts to our customers based on business policy or management decision in order to achieve different targets or sales volume. If the prices are different the customers can be informed before time, after shipping the order or even receiving the order delivered to the customer. If the price is charged extra than the printed price then the customers query will be accepted by the customer care team.

Q37. If the product delivered is differnt from the product ordered by the customer then what will be?

If the product delivered to customer is different in the form of latest version / edition then the customer query would not be entertained and the difference of prices would be charged to the customer upto retail price. If the customer requires an old version in every case then the customer would specify in extra notes while placing an order.

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